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Reasons to Rent

1. Fewer Unexpected Expenses

At West22, you can live without the stress of a mortgage, maintenance fees, property tax and other unexpected expenses.

2. Peace of Mind

West22 is a rental apartment. That means you benefit from security of tenure: your unit will never be sold, so you'll never have to move out for an owner to move in.

3. More Money for What Matters

A down payment is not required to rent at West22 - only a deposit that will be applied to your last month's rent. You can live without the burden of financing a home purchase that demands a significant down payment.

4. All-Star Service

Professional, on-site property management, by Rhapsody Property Management Services, is comprised of a helpful team who make the residents of West22 their top priority.

5. Connect + Culture

Don't be surprised if neighbours become friends. West22 hosts a variety of fun and engaging events, allowing you to mix and mingle while exploring the community's offerings.